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The panel for inquiring into the allegations against the NPC Ministers will function from today

An Inquiry Panel has been appointed by the NPC CM for inquiring into the Ministers of the NPC. This Panel will start its functions from today. If there are any complaints about any minister they could be sent by post or submitted in person.

While saying that there are several complaints, those have been received by him and insisted that an impartial inquiry should be held against them.When the CM proposed in the house that a panel with retired judges should be appointed to inquire into complaints against the Ministers there was a severe opposition there, saying that Ministers should not be inquired by outsiders. Following the continuous insistence by CM that there likelihood of internal inquiry being partial, the house had approved CM’s proposal and the panel was appointed yesterday.

Former judges, S.Thiyagendran, S.Parameswaran and former Government Agent, S.Pathmanathan  have been appointed as the members of the said panel. This panel which is to operate from the Chief Secretary’s Office, will continue its inquiries into the next forthcoming Three months.