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Papaw fruits exported to Dubai from Vavuniya

The activities for exporting papaw fruit purchased from farmers of Vavuniya have been commenced. This activity has commenced in the Agrarian Services Department area in Pampaimadu.

The Government Agent of Vaavuniya, Saman Bandulasena participated in an event presided by the Asst. Director of Agrarian services of the District, E.Wijayakumar, held on Friday  and initiated the purchase of papaw fruits for export.

Arrangements have been made to purchase a kilo of papaw fruits at Rs.20/- and export them to Dubai. Through this marketing facilities had been provided to poapaw producers.

Commenting on this the Asst. Director Wijeyakumar said that, excess vegetables and fruits were found in Vavuniuya. Although, a situation prevailed where these could not be marketed, passes have been issued to more than 50 producers for taking and selling their produce in other districts.

If the farmers find it difficult to sell their produce, they could be contacted and arrangements made to market their produce, he said. As a stage in this exporting fruits to Dubai had been arranged. Through this the fruit producers will be benefitted, he said.

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