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People inside and outside the country waiting to push North and South into confrontation- Maithri

While saying that, people are waiting, not only inside the country but also outside the country, to push North and South into confrontation, President Maithripala, put out a call to the people of the North,  “  So let us solve our problems among us.”

President was in Jaffna to open the “Tell it to the President” office in the Governor’s Secretariat yesterday.

Speaking further in this event he said, “ I have come to your area with much pleasure. I was to come at the start of this year, but I could not come on that day. By this programme a close relationship has been established.

This is an area affected for a long time by Way. 8 years have passed after the end of the war. But the problems have not been solved. 8 years have passed but the hearts have not come together.

There are more than 100,000 vacancies in the private sector with suitable vacancies for graduates. But they all insists on government jobs.

So Boys and girls, if you have some problem let us speak and solve them among us.

I shall ask all my ministers to at least visit North once a month, meet people and undertake to solve them and submit me reports and project proposals for solving them. Then I could submit them to the Cabinet

I am personally interested in you. We should think of building up a country without war. We should create an environment where Tamils, Sinhalese and Muslims can work together.”