Tamil Diplomat

People loving Tamil are more in Jaffna, Indian Consul Nadarajan prideful in saying so

The Indian consul in Jaffna, R.Nadarajan said that, we should hold cultural festivals if the glory of people who endeavored to develop Tamil and our Religion.

Participating as the chief guest, in the Navalar Festival held yesterday in the Nallur Thurkka Manymandapam, he said so in the course of his speech.

Elaborating further he said, This type of festivals should be held to develop our Tamil Language. Then only the glory of people labored for the growth of our Language and Religion will remain with us.People truly loving Tamil are living in this soil. I respect them.

Books written by Navalar were earlier available in the Jaffna Library. But they were burnt and lost. When I went to India recently I saw some books written by Navalar there. I have arranged for copies of 10 such books made there and handed over to the Jaffna Library in next February.

The Navalar statues presented here are not meant for keeping in glass containers. They are for keeping in shrine rooms and worshipped along with Tamil.Although I am fluent in six languages, I get satisfaction in speaking Tamil, he said.