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Qatar’s waters, the pirates shot Kanyakumari,Chief Minister Jayalalithaa’s letter to the Prime Minister

Qatar served as the country’s fisheries agency contract workers, pahhrain Sea, pirates shot dead a fisherman’s body kanniyakumariyaic bring Nadu Chief Minister Ms. Jayalalitha has asked the Prime Minister to take the necessary action.Also, fishermen from working, his family rushed to deliver cash benefits to secure the diplomats urged the prime minister in a letter to the Chief Minister to uttaravitaventum.

Chief Minister Selvi J. Jayalalithaa, the Prime Minister Mr. Narendra Modi in a letter yesterday, Kanyakumari district, Mr. inayamputtanturai Villager. Mr. Andrews’s son. Anthony Grace anis fisherman, fishing company of kattaraic contract workers having worked with the 5 other fishermen, pahhrain waters, pirates shot dead by the Prime Minister’s attention to the tragic incident, the letter said he elutuvatakak.