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Quantum Transformers in power grid system an innovative technology for mankind

Dr. C.S. Jamunanantha

Scientific technology are uplifting the standard of Human livings on earth. The needs of the growing populations can be fulfilled by the innovative approach in the electrical grid. The electrical power transmission can be  modulated by the Quantum transformers.

Quantum transformer will be a new concept of utilizing teleportation technique which China has already achieved. Photons which are the fundamental for energy shall be teleported by the modern technology. Hence Quantum transformers can be built by teleporting Electrical Voltage from one place to another place. And the Quantum transformers may have three functional parts as follows:

  1. Photons projectors
  2. Photons transmitting path
  3. Photons Receivers

Quantum transformers are the answer for future power grid system utilizing teleportation technique. If we could be able to build a Quantum transformer, the entire scenario of the world will be changed. This advancement will paradigm the changes in the information communication technology Quantum Power Grid Technology (QPGT) will be an innovative technology. It will be an environmental safety technology and Eco friendly measure. It’s affordability to low income countries also advantage. Further availability to the remote areas also possible.

The current power grid system is quite old. But if this innovative approach is succeeded, there will be zero power blackout in the country, minimum energy, wastage in the transmission, minimum environmental pollution and minimize the space which needs for transmission.  It will also prevent accidents and deaths, related to power grid system.


If we implement the innovative scientific technology for Quantum. Transformer it will be a grate mankind. It will promote green energy and prevent global warming. The whole world can be under the single power grid system or one power supply can provide entire world its power by the Quantum teleportation transformers. The satellites also be a part of power grid transportation system It will solve the universal power crisis. There won’t be any war for oil or shipping line. The dynamics of the geopolitics will be changed by the Quantum transformer Grid system and Global Peace will be sustained as mankind.