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Quinoa – plant with all amino acids introduced in Jaffna

The Quinoa, a plant all amino acids needed for man is introduced to Jaffna for the first time, said the Officer in Charge of the Jaffna District Agricultural Research Centre, K.Karunainathan.

Elaborating further he said that, this plant which is a medicinal full diet substitute is the staple food of ancient tribes. This was first introduced in Latin-American countries   and the UN celebrated the year 2013 as the Quino year. Fully an anti-biotic plant, this is now being used popularly in other countries, as a healthy food. Some grow it in their homes for beauty.

As a part of the global introduction, the Botanical gardens, Peradeniya is introducing this plant in all parts Sri Lanka including Jaffna.6 varieties of this plant were planted in Jaffna District in June 16th and  at present the plant has grown well, but the research is not complete yet, he said.