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Ramaphosa did not visit Sri Lanka: South Africa denies media reports

The President’s Office of South Africa denied reports that Deputy President Cyril Ramaphosa of visiting Sri Lanka to have talks over the weekend (22) as alleged in the media reports.

The President’s Office in a statement said “The Presidency has noted media reports regarding the involvement of Deputy President Cyril Ramaphosa with the International Crisis Group which is doing work in Lesotho, Sri Lanka and South Sudan.

Deputy President Ramaphosa was previously involved with the organisation before he was appointed in government. Since his assumption of a role in government, Deputy President Ramaphosa resigned from the International Crises Group and was replaced in his role by Cheryl Carolus.

Accordingly, Deputy President Ramaphosa is no longer involved with the organisation. Deputy President Ramaphosa is currently the Special Envoy of President Jacob Zuma to assist the people of Sri Lanka with regard the truth and reconciliation as well as constitution-making process.

The Presidency further wishes to clarify that Deputy President Ramaphosa did not visit Sri Lanka over the weekend as alleged in the media reports but merely refuelled in Colombo en route to Japan.”