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Release of LTTE suspects has placed the life of Rajapaksa in danger: says his media secretary

With the government’s decision to release hard core terrorists, who were kept in detention under the Prevention of Terrorism (PTA), has placed the life of President Mahinda Rajapaksa in danger, his Media Secretary issuing a statement said today.

Following is the full statement:

It was widely reported in the media today that 500 army personnel who had been assigned to the security contingent of former President MahindaRajapaksa had been withdrawn. This report is not correct. At present only 102 Army personnel have been assigned to provide security to former President Rajapaksa. Of this number, 80 provide security while 22 are administrative personnel.

The government has started releasing dangerous LTTE suspects who had been held in detention under the PTA. The Rajapaksa government rehabilitated and released over 11,000 LTTE cadres and only two to three hundred hard core terrorists were kept in detention with a view to taking legal action against them. These are the terrorists who are now being released. It need not be stressed that this has placed the life of President Rajapaksa in danger. In these circumstances, it is the duty of the government to strengthen the security arrangements for former President Rajapaksa by assigning more personnel for his security.

With the release of the most dangerous LTTE terrorists held in detention, the government is duty bound to take suitable steps not only to protect former President Rajapaksa but also the other armed forces and civil officers who provided leadership to the war. We wish to draw the urgent attention of the government to this matter.