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Release of TPPs and Resettlement – Bishop of Jaffna Insists with Russel for American pressure on Sri Lanka

The New Jaffna Bishop, Rt.Rev. Justin Bernard Gnnapragasam insisted with the visiting Ambassador at Large for Global Women’s issues at US State Department, Catherine Russel, that America should exert pressure on Sri Lanka regarding release of TPPs and the resettlement of Tamil people, who are leading displaced life for more than 25 years.

Ms. Russel who was on a visit to Jaffna met The Bishop, NPC CM and Civil Organizations.

Commenting on the meeting The Bishop Jaffna said that, she wanted to know about the position of the war widows and assistance given by the Govt.,   and he had informed her that, the Govt. had done very little for them and the NGOs and Diaspora Ngo are doing what they can.

He had also requested her that action should be taken to eradicate the increasing drugs menace and had suggested that employment opportunities created either by the Govt. or by NGOs and Foreign Organizations with the permission of the Government