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Resolution passed condemning Ankajan

The Chavakachcheri Town Council ,in meeting held on 22th had passed a resolution against Ramanathan Ankajan the SLFP Organiser for Jaffna District, and Member of the Northern Provincial Council, condemning him for the following:

*Forcing the graduates to do election work for Rajapakse;

* Confusing the graduates of the District, by forming a Pro-SLFP Graduates Union while there is a union already active in the district;

* Forming a ‘Blue Brigade’ and conscripting graduates as members;

* Making Politics out of graduate appointments;

After living comfortably somewhere and being ignorant of the tribulations and the scars of the Tamil people, coming here just after the end of the war, and trying to misguide the youths and graduates, could not be accepted; these people are shame to the Tamil people, the resolution had said.