Tamil Diplomat

Resolution today in the NPC calling the government to allow commemoration of Maveerars

A resolution will be tabled in the NPC calling the government which claims that it is pursuing reconciliation, shoul allow the Tamil people to commemorate the Maveerars who had sacrificed themselves as “burnt offerings” for the dawn of the Tamil people.

Member Thurairajah Raviharan will propose the resolution. Further Homage will be paid to the Maveerars in today’s sitting of the House.

we should not forget the people who had fought for our freedom. Thus the Tamil people should observe sentimentally the Maveerar Day declared on 27th  in houses, temples or wherever it is possible.

Thuyilumillams are under the control of the Army, which had taken position with boots-on on the very spots where our Maveerars are buried. And reconciliation is not possible in this context. If the Government open heartedly wish to establish reconciliation, it should release all Thuyillumillams and allow Tamil people to Commemorates their Maveerars as earlier.

The Tamil people are always fond of their maveerars, and nobody could destroy that fondness or change it.This will be cleared to the world again this year. The Tamil people should make the Government realize that, we require no permission from anybody to commemorate our beloved. Even now we are living with their memory, say the resolution.