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‘Sinam koll’ is screened in London

Sinam koll ( சினம் கொள் ) is screened  today at Boleyn Cinema Eastham in London.   Sinam Kol, a movie on Tamil Eelam, has managed a ‘U’ certificate. Directed by Ranjith Joseph, it features Aravindhan of Aandavan Kattalai-fame in the lead.

The crux of the movie is the story of a young man who is released from jail, returns to his village and his encounters there. A major portion of the movie was shot in Jaffna and Mullaitivu. Many of the cast and crew are from Sri Lanka.

Movie Review:

Movie Review, Director Ranjith has done an awesome job in bringing light into many factors concerning post-‘eelam’ war term in Sri Lankan history. He have given detailed cinematography into the pathway of ex-combatants and the Tamil people suffering for survival. Curable, over-looked, abused, are some words that can be taken away from the movie’s setting brought out by Director Ranjith Joseph. Yes, war did finish, and it’s not in favor of Tamils or the movement.

The hero, Amuthan, did serve his time in jail and returns to find his wife and regain his lost personal life. Along the path he crosses the sufferings the war has left to the losing side. Yes; ‘losing’; it does have it’s own stories at times. It does have it’s own suffering. It does have it’s own history. But we tend to learn and live along the winning side only. It is human nature, it’s what the history taught us. If and when we lose, we will see people crossing over to the winning side and following it’s own path.

Director Ranjith Joseph takes the audience for a ride into the losing side’s lives and it’s history. Yes, when you lose a battle or when you are forced into a life that is not what you had hoped for, you don’t have much choice, but to adopt to it. What is amazing about this movie is that the hero or the ‘lost-side’ characters does not show any sign of a defeat in their life. They still remain loyal to the cause. They have the will power and proves that they will at all times be a good human because of their alliance to this man called “Annan”. The society will take it’s natural spin once you remove these powerful guidance from the society, but the son’s of this man will remain faithful to his obedience and the unmeasurable sacrifices upto date. The movie is not a super hit for a regular cinema goers, it’s not enriched with punch dialogs, or fight scenes, or dance music; It has it’s own flavors that will surely take you for a ride.

But it’s definitely a must watch movie. It is one of a kind movie that has touched the ceiling at many levels. It is something that must be watched by everyone, and some/most will be touched by it as the director Ranjith made sure to bring some sceneries and incidents close to your heart. So sit back and relax and enjoy the show. Wish all the best for Director Ranjith and looking forward to a successful career.