Tamil Diplomat

Sinhala prisoners threaten Tamil political prisoners in Anuradhapura prison

The Voice of the Voiceless and the parents of Tamil political prisoners have jointly demanded that the Tamil political prisoners detained at the Anuradhapura Prison be transferred to the Jaffna Prison due to the volatile situation prevailing there.

Speaking at a press conference in Jaffna on Tuesday, M. Komagan, a spokesman for the Voice of the Voiceless and a former political prisoner, called on Tamil political leaders to take immediate action.

“26 Tamil political prisoners are being held in Anuradhapura prison amidst various crises. 20 of them are convicts and the rest are being detained for inquiries.

They are currently being held with Tamil political prisoners.

But more and more Sinhala prisoners are increasingly  being brought to the Anuradhapura prison and they are threatening Tamil political prisoners.

This is creating a tense situation. This government refuses to open its mouth about the release of Tamil political prisoners.

The government, which is preparing to release 8,000 prisoners on New Year’s Eve, is not even ready to talk about the Tamil political prisoners.

In particular,  Tamil youth are currently being arrested under the Prevention of Terrorism Act.

The government plans to celebrate National Wesak Day in Jaffna this time.

Prior to this, the government must come forward to release all political prisoners unconditionally. “ Komagan made the request.