Tamil Diplomat

Sirupoka (Yala) paddy cultivation not affected by the drought, says the District Secretary, Mulaitheevu

The District Secretary, Mulaitheevu, Mrs. Rupawathy Ketheeswaran, has said that the Yala Cultivation undertaken in Mulaitheevu District had not been affected.

The water level tanks Mulaitheevu has gone down and fresh water fishing and other trades had been affected. However, 633.5 Hectares of paddy was cultivated with the help of the water stored in the Tanks of Mulaitheevu had not been affected. Harvesting is nearing completion now.

Asked to comment about the drought situation in Mulaitheevu District, she said that 253.7 hectares had been cultivated under around 10 large and medium sized tanks and 397.8 hectares under small irrigation tanks. While saying that these cultivations were not affected by the drought, she said that other trades were affected.

Particularly, drinking water supply is undertaken to areas which need drinking water.