Tamil Diplomat

Some Quotes from Election meetings- North

* Ratifying the nation is the solution for ethnic problem:  Gajndrakumar ponnambalam, TNPF

* We should not make the same mistake we had already made twice: Wijekala Maheswaran, UNP.

* Tamil people should think in good composure before Voting: V.kaneswaran, Independent.

* The Election will not bring solutions to the problems of the working people:  K.Selvam, Democratic Marxist Lenninist Party.

* TNA will be the deciding power on who will form the Government:  Sivasakthy Anandan, EPRLF.

* Thimpu Principles express the ultimate rights of the Tamils: Doughlas Devanandha, EPDP.

*I told the truth because I am not power crazy: V.Anandasangary, TULF.

* We will strengthen the hands of the President who can give permanent solution to problems: Ankajan Ramanathan.UPFA