Tamil Diplomat

Some reflections on the UNHRC Report

  • We have saved Mahindha, the Internal Investigation will start in January. Investigations will be completed in 18 months : Mangala Samaraweera, Minister of Foreign Affairs.

  • Hybrid  Court is the best, member countries should support it : Human Rights Watch.
  • Names of the War Criminals  and the ‘ white flag affair’ deleted from the report : Inner City Press.
  • The recommendations of the UNHRC will not grant any justice to the destroyed Tamils : ‘The Thinamany’, India, in its editorial.
  • Sinhala Judges should not be allowed to take part in the International Investigation Panel:  Dr.Ramadas.
  • Nobody to answer on behalf of LTTE, only former President, commanders of the Armed forces and the soldiers will be punished. Hence we reject it : National Freedom Front.
  • The Hybrid Investigational Panel is beyond the sovereignty of Sri Lanka. the Government should reject the recommendations of UNHRC : Dayan Jayartilleke, former Diplomat.
  • Provision available in the law to establish Hybrid Investigation P.nel : Udaya Gammanpilla.
  • Government should not allow International intervention : JVP
  • UN had made the judicial sector into a laughing stock : Namal Rajapakse.
  • We can conduct good investigations. Foreign judges are not needed : Vasutheva Nanayakkara.
  • Government will decide only after the final report of the UNHRC : Dr. Rajitha  Senaratne.