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Sri Lankan Intelligence Officers attack a Tamil youth in Vadamaradchi

A Tamil youth from Vetrilaikerni  in Vadamarachchi East, Jaffna  has been admitted to the Jaffna Teaching Hospital due to a severe attack  by Sri Lankan intelligence officers  on Friday 19th.

The intelligence officers stopped the  youth on the street and asked, “Where are you going?”

The youth asked  ‘Can’t go this way ?’.

Following this, the youth was taken away for questioning and was severely beaten in the area of a local Hindu crematorium in Vetrilaikerni.

The mother rushed to the crematorium area after hearing her son was taken away by the intelligence officers.

The youth cried when he saw his mother. The mother asked the intelligence officers why they beat her son, but they said they didn’t do anything to him.

The mother who took her son to the hospital had admitted him to the Jaffna Teaching Hospital.