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Study approaches to reduce decline in soil fertility : CM, Wigneswaran

The Nitrogen concentration in the underground water of the peninsula has increased. The cause for this is the excessive use of artificial fertilizer and insecticide. Hence it is necessary that we study approaches to reduce the decline in soil fertility, said the NCP, CM, C.V.Wigneswaran.

He was speaking in a seminar to mark the World Soil Day, with a theme of “Soil – Firm base for survival”, organised  by the Ministry Of Agriculture in the ‘Sangilian Hall’ at the Green Grass Hotel in Jaffna yesterday.

Elaborating further he said that soil is necessary for Food Security, Agriculture, change in climate, Poverty alleviation, and Permanent Development. Food Security had become an important matter in the world. Soil Management procedures are adopted in agriculture now.

The objective of the today’s seminar is to discuss ways and means of transforming our soil into a firm base for our survival, in accordance with environment of Northern Province, he said.

Several people including the NPC Minister Ainkaranesan, Leader of the opposition, Thavarasa, Secretary to the ministry of Agriculture Patrick Diranjan, Deputy Director of Agriculture,FAO Project Director, Kilinochchi, Lecturers of the University, and village level farmers  participated in this event.