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The news that is being spread that we are supporting Mahinda Rajapakse is false: Gajendrakumar

The Tamil National People’s Front (TNPF) has strongly denied the news that has been publicized that, their party is supporting Mahindha Rajapakse in the President’s Election. Their stand regarding this election is firm, they have said in a statement put out by that party.

Denying this news, party Leader Gajendrakumar  Ponnambalam and General Secretary S.Kajendran issued a in a statement on Monday.

‘One web site had deliberately updated a defamatory news item that, our party is going to work  for Mahinda Rajapakse in this election and that, we have received large amount of money from Mahinda Rajapakse.  We strongly deny this news and fiercely condemn the publication of news that might confuse the public. We have already made clear our stance regarding this election. There is no change in our firm stance that we are not going support the two candidates, who is facing  this election from the top most platform of the Sinhala Buddhist chauvinism, saying that any solution will be within unitary state and that they are not going to stage any  war crimes trials. We are the only party fiercely fighting against the atrocities and genocide activities of Mahinda Government, locally and abroad.   It is a fact, the people aware of, that our party is continuing to insist an international independent inquiry on genocide of Tamils and that we had encouraged people to provide testimonies to the Human Rights Commissioner of the UN. We ourselves collected testimonies and forwarded them, and we also personally testified.

A malevolent media is spreading this false news in order to disturb our, ‘committed to cause’ and people’s welfare related activities, such as above. In the past too, this particular web site was spreading aspersions against us. In the conjuncture of Parliament Elections drawing closer, people who cannot win our just ideas with their ideas will deliberately spread this type of false propaganda, which could confuse people. We humbly call upon the people not to believe this kind of false news” they said in their statement.