Tamil Diplomat

The queer baby – birth that moved Lindula Hospital

An incident where an abnormal birth at Lindula Hospital was reported which revealed the possibility of an accident because of lack of nourishment in mothers who are to give birth.

This unfortunate child was born with the nose on the forehead, the ears on one place of the head and with an eye under the nose. After this baby-girl was born, it was not possible for her to survive and Dr. Jagath Abeyratna said that she passed away in an hour’s time.

This baby who was born as the third girl into a labourer family in Nonawathuyaya in Bambarakelle belonging to Lindula Police area.The reason why the baby was born with the nose, eyes and ears situated in an abnormal manner was because of not having received proper nourishment, the doctor had remarked. The doctor further said that there were signs which were observed at clinics that the baby could be born in an abnormal way of which he was aware and an abnormal birth could result only if the child’s mother did not take medicine to provide strength to the baby or she had taken the wrong medicine. Therefore, the doctor added a note of advice saying that it is important that mother’s expecting babies should pay attention to their own nourishment as well as the physician’s advice.