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Treatment Plant for faeces waste being established in Chavakachcheri Town Council Area

Action is being taken by the Chavakachcheri Town Council to establish a faeces waste treatment and disposal plant with modern machinery. Large scale health risks were created by improper disposal of faecal waste in the past.

The project undertaken by the Chavakachcheri Town Council has an objective of avoiding this risk by properly treating and disposing the faecal waste.

This project is being undertaken under supervision of Local Government Department on a land selected within the limits of the Chavakachcheri Town Council with funds allocated from the Special Projects Funds  of the District Secretariat, Jaffna.

Rs.40 Million has been allocated for this project and the water extracted from the waste will be disposed suitably and the residue will be burnt out. With the other Local Government bodies bringing in their waster for treatment to this plant, Chavakachcheri Town Council will be able to reap considerable income. It is also reported that more than 10 people could be provided with employment here.