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‘Trisha and I were never friends’ : Raai Laxmi

Actress Raai Laxmi is known for making her headlines for many reasons, especially for romantic link-ups and other issues. Well, her break up with Varun Manian was on headlines for a while and when she was asked about this at the launch of ‘Sowcarpet’, a horror film with Srikanth  she didn’t speak much, but these words. “Certain things cannot be explained or spoke about. If I start opening about this topic, it will unceasingly run into many papers,” says Raai Laxmi on speaking about her relationship with producer Varun Manian, who is now engaged with actress Trisha. When asked about her friendship status with Raai Laxmi, she replied, “Trisha and I were never friends.”

It is noteworthy that Raai Laxmi and Trisha had some issues from a very long time, especially during the time of Ajith Kumar’s ‘Mankatha’, where they didn’t share too many scenes together, but played crucial roles in the script.