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Two arrested with narcotic tablets at Valaichenai

A trader and his assistance were arrested in the Valaichenai police area, with narcotic tablets and Ganja.

Narcotic Tablets and an amount of Ganja were captured from the suspects arrested by the Anti Corruption unit of the Valaichenai Police, day before yesterday.The Valaichenai Police is indertaking several activities under the guidance of the Valaichenai ASP  to eliminate Narcotic use in the Valaichenai police area.

Acordingly police personnel in civilian clothing were deployed in the area, arrested who is widely known as a narcotic dealer in Ootamavadi area  and his Assistant on suspicion at the Ootamavadi Fish market.

Three types of Narcotic tablets and 3,000 miligrams of Ganja were found in a travelling bag in their possession, said the Police Officer in Chasrge of Valaichenai police station.