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Understanding Saivasiddandam – Sivaganabothum  

Dr. C. S. Jamunanantha

The world is an assemblage comprising men, women and things. It is subject to a threefold operation; obviously it is a created entity.

God who dissolves the world recreates it as Bondage persists.

The Terminator is indeed the originator. Thus say the learned.

God is one with the souls, is different from the souls and is the indweller and prime move of all.

For the purpose of conferring on the souls, the results of their twofold deeds, He causes them to get embodied through his energy with which he is associated beginninglesley.

The Soul is not one of the inner sensorium. It is pervaded by Egotism. So it is without knowledge. Its association with the inner sensorium is very like that of the sovereign with his ministers. The soul undergoes five states with descending higher function.

  1. Cerebral level with 35 instrumental mediation
  2. Medullary level with 25 instrumental mediators
  3. Thoracic level with   3   instrumental mediators
  4. Lumbar level with  2   instrumental mediators
  5. Sacral level with   1  instrumental mediators

Even though body, mouth, eye, nose (and ear) perceive by the help of soul, they do not cognize. In a similar way although the souls perceive the world of phenomenal through the help of God (the peerless one) they do not know themselves.

Neither do they know God who makes it possible for them to know. They are like the iron in the presence of magnet.

The Soul, thanks to its good deeds which were performed in its previous births, comes to realize its true state Lord servers the soul its former association, and being not other than God, reaches the God.

Let the soul envision Lord by its knowledge of God through the grace of grace).

God cannot comprehend by empirical knowledge.

When the soul jettisons the world of sense as a fleeting mirage, the God becomes its cool shelter. It will mediate on the mystic Pentad of letters (Panchaashara) as ordained.

God can be known. He is Existent. If we cannot be known, He is     Nonexistent. So the truly wise declare that God is neither exist nor   non exist. Hence Spiritual Reality is  Knowable as well as un-knowable.

In the presence of Existent, all things are Non-existence. So Nonexistent  does not know them. Nonexistent  has no existence. So it cannot know Existant. That which knows both therefore, is the soul which is neither Existent nor Non-existent.

The primal one, as Teacher, enlightening the soul affirmed thus: “Brought up among the foresters the five senses you have become like them, steeped in ignorance”.

When the soul is one with God even as God,  is one with the Soul and is poised in Godly – servitor ship as Bondage, Darkness of Delusion cease.

Action for the results of action which are the cause of rebirth. Like the Soul that enables the seeing eye to behold, to enable the soul to comprehend  the Lord that comprehends all at once, causes, the  Soul to comprehend. So in love that is never forgetful, the soul reaches the       God.

As the triple impurities prevent the union of the soul with God’s which are like ruddy lotus flower  the Soul should wash the bondage away and consort with the action for the results of action which are the cause for rebirth, the darkness of delusion God, Soul and Bondage shall be explained in the modern physics as field like Nature which include space, time and other invisible dimensions with Singularity model.