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Understanding the Universe by Dance of Shiva


The artistic symbol and focus of Saiva Siddhantas are displaying the eternal dance of Siva. It represents the dynamic and how of life through the fivefold divine function of God.

Creation, Protection, Obscuration, Destruction, and Redemption through his grace. It also portrays the unique, underlying unity of the worlds of man, mind and matter, pulsating in union with the source of cosmic energy which is God himself. “Shiva’s dance is an image of the energy which science postulate behind all phenomena. It is the image of his rhythmic placing, as the source of all movement within the cosmos which is represented by the arch. It is called as ‘ohm’.

Dance of Siva is the symbolic representation of rhythmic events of the cosmos where our universe has witnessed seven vibrations for its life span. Further,

The universe has five phases or five eras of cycles. They are as follows:

  • Primordial Era – 380 billion years ago
  • Stelliferous Era – Present Universe
  • Degenerate Era – One quintillion years
  • Black hole era – 1068 to 1092 years
  • Dark era

Universe itself obey the Dance of Siva’s philosophy. It means creation of the Universe is primordial era, protection of the Universe is       Stelliferous Era; obscuration of the Universe is degenerate era, destruction of the Universe is Black hole era and redemption of the Universe is dark era.

The encircled view of dance of Siva implies the perception of the vibration of the universe. This is described as quantum noise by the modern Astrophysics. The most fundamental building blocks for the universe is string like objects living in a 26-dimensional space. It also obeys the dance of Siva’s philosophy it means. Creation is by Quantum vibration, protection by weak forces. Obscuration by photon impact, destruction by gravitation and redemption by inflation of the empty space.

Universal dynamics are with this time epoch.  Hinduism has many philosophical systems and the Saiva Siddhanta as an authentic school of philosophy. The Saiva Siddhanta is the most elaborate, influential and undoubtedly the most intrinsically valuable of all religions of India.