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Vincent Selva is gearing up with Araathu

Vincent Selva who had re christened himself as Piriyamudan Shelvaa has  made films such as ‘Priyamudan’, ‘Youth’ and ‘Jithan. Now the successful director known for completing his films in stipulated time, is gearing up with his next venture ‘Araathu’.

Araathu is scripted on a base of true story which is being template in and around north Madras. ‘I have designed the film in such a way to make it too rustic. This is a cute subject where I had to balance both love and war in equal proportion’, he said.

Vijay Karthick is doing the male lead in the movie and Champi is pairing him, to give a breezy chill look I have casted both new faces. As a spice agent  dangamari fame  Viji is penning and crooning for two songs, i wanted to Elevate the aesthetic of the rustic area  so im working on a set where I can design my own North madras.