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Ways to make your life more romantic

Spend quality time
Sometimes you maybe in the same room for hours but not talk to each other simply because you are busy with your own work.
Arrange for a date
If you have kids, arrange for a baby sitter and go out on a date. If he enjoys dancing then you can hit a nice place where you can shake a leg.
Be the chef
Food is the easiest way to a man’s heart. So, cook a great meal comprising of the dishes he likes.
Leave love notes
Whether it’s leaving some love notes around the house or SMSes or email, write him a lovey-dovey note. Men may pretend to be tough but they do like to know that they are on your mind.
Express it loud
Though you may have sent him a love note or email, there’s nothing like professing your love every now and then.
Shower him with attention
Dote on him once in a while. Praise him for his hard work. Men love attention though they may claim otherwise. Praise him for his taste in clothes or perfumes, he’s sure to like it a lot.
Plan a surprise vacation
If you are not likely to get any alone time in the city, plan a vacation. Depending on the kind of time you both can spare, take a long or short trip
Find ways to spend time together
It could be while travelling to or from work or just going shopping together or even a long drive after dinner.
Let him spend time with his gang
Yes, you should spend some time together, but your man will really appreciate it if you let him spend an evening with his buddies.
Appreciate things he does
Even if it’s something simple, try and tell him how much you appreciate his help around the house. More then the praise and attention that you shower on him, it’s this appreciation that will make him fall in love with you all over again.