Tamil Diplomat

We are calling for autonomy within an undivided country, says Sampanthan.

The TNA had called for a sustainable, fair, and permanent, solution within an undivided country, said its leader Sampanthan.

Lot of commotion had been caused in the south due to the Election Manifesto of TNA, but the Sinhala people should understand our firm position and the clear policy, he said.

He was speaking at a propaganda meeting in Trincomalee yesterday , while he said this.

“We never demanded to divide the country. Only on the basis of living here historically  in this land ,we have called for autonomy  in the merged North and East.

“ President Maithripala Sirisena is a Moderate person. He is among the leaders I respect. A sustainable and permanent political solution should be obtained for the Tamil people in his period. If the Maithri’s government get two-thirds majority the problems of the Tamils could be solved before the end of 2016. After that only, taking part in the cabinet could be decided.” ,said he.