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Where are Our Relatives?- ‘Clay Pan Fire’ protest by relatives of missing persons in Kilinochchi

Relatives of missing persons in the North and East staged a ‘Clay Pan Fire’ march in Kilinochchi on Saturday. The march commenced at 9.30 am in front of the Pillaiyar Temple in Kilinochchi.

Hundreds of relatives of the missing persons from the North and East carried ‘Clay Pan Fire’ along the A9 road up to the front of the Kandaswamy Temple in Kilinochchi.

Today marks the 4th anniversary of the ongoing struggle by relatives of the missing. The families of those disappeared continue to visit Police Stations and Army Camps seeking information about their loved ones. They continue to protest on the streets seeking justice for those who have been missing for many years without any trace.

In this context, the protesters demanded that action be taken at the forthcoming UN Human Rights Council to find a proper solution to their issue and that the member states of the Human Rights Council take action to refer Sri Lanka to the International Criminal Court. (Photo Credit: kumanan and Santhru)