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We will create Equality in place of Racism: says Minister Anura Piriyatharsana Yapa in Jaffna

The Minster for Disaster Management, Anura Priyatharsana Yapa said in Jaffna day before yesterday, all should forget all the bitter events of the past and come forward to create equality in place of racism.

The 2nd youth conference for 2016 was held day before yesterday at the Wererasingam Hall, Jaffna.

Speaking there he further said, the problem of language is found on a large scale among the people. Sinhala and Tamil Languages had been acknowledged as official languages in the constitution. But the usage of these languages are popular among the people is found to be a big problem. This situation should be rectified.

90% of the youth in the country are un-employed.

As we are splitting and working, everyone will be telling about the shortcoming of the other. Let nus join together as a single nation of a single country. The objective of our Government is developing all parts of the country in the same manner.Thus we are engaged in development work, he said.