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Winning the War on Tuberculosis in Northern Province of Sri Lanka


DR.C.S.Jamunanantha, MBBS, DTCD

New drugs and treatment regimes along with new public health institutions with human right approaches are making a difference in Tuberculosis treatment in universally. But as far as the Northern Province of Sri Lanka is concern, we are lacking to reestablish the Chest Hospital at Kankesanthurai.

We not only have disease burden but also a threat of globalization and migration. The vast silent reservoir of TB infection assures future outbreaks of contagious TB.

We urgently need to build equipment and modernize hospital for TB in Northern Province. It is the time to think about to establish the Chest Hospital (KKS) at Myeliddy collectively.

Absence of TB health facility results in delayed diagnosis spread of disease and ultimately higher morbidity and mortality.

We have to establish the Chest Hospital in order to achieve the WHO. End TB Strategy. If we have a good infrastructure for TB care we can go for search, treat and prevent approach, focusing or creating islands of elimination within high burden areas.

Chest Hospital KKS had the bed strength of 118. It was not functioning in its own place at Myelddi since 1990. TB patients were treated in Divisional Hospital, Kopay. This ward was built by the UNICEF for Pediatric Ward. But it was taken up a TB ward due to the conflict situation. The Chest Ward Administration was done by NPTCCD (National Programme for Tuberculosis Control and Chest diseases) till 2015 and then handed over to PDHS Northern Province. Further KKS Chest Hospital premises which had been   occupied by the Security forces also handed over to the RDHS, Jaffna in the early part of 2018. There was a plan to build a (two stories) Chest ward at Teaching Hospital, Jaffna in 2013 and it was abandoned. So it is the time for the Health authorities in the Northern Province to rebuild the Chest Hospital at Myelliddy.

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