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1,328,505 litre of liquor sold in Vavuniya over the last 10 months : the Excise Department

The Vavuniya District Excise Department has announced that 1,328,505 litre of liquor sold in Vavuniya over  the last 10 months.

1,328,505 litre of liquor had been sold in Vavuniya District over  the last 10 months, it is learnt.

Variety sales – litres
Beer 667,034
Whisky 3,761
Local arrack 642,125
Brandy 9,689
Gin 3,042
Rum 1,143
Vodka 827
Wine 884

As per this beers have had been sold more. In a context where 171,000 people  live in Vavuniya, the main reason for the increase in liquor sales is that people from other Districts visiting Vavuniya often, it is reported.