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250 Million contract to assassinate Wigneswaran and Sampanthan: the informer threatened by TID

A Sinhalese  person who alerted the CM, Wigneswaran regarding the 250 million contract to assassinate him and the Leader of the Opposition Era Sampanthan has complained to the CM again that, he has been threatened by the TID for alerting him of the conspiracy.

The CM, while answering a media, has said that he had received an e-mail in Sinhala, one and a half months ago. There was a delay in translating the e-mail, but after the Ezhuluka Thamizh , I received a call from the person who had sent me the e-mail. He gave all his particulars and asked me why I have not taken any action. I have sent the copy of his letter to the IGP. I gave a copy to the President on his visit to Jaffna. But a few days back that person called me again and said that he is being threatened by the TID saying that he is a traitor who is betraying the Sinhalese, and asked me take action for this also. Promptly, I have also sent this matter to IGP. I have not received any answer from the President and I am awaiting to know what action the IGP had taken, he had said.