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Are they making Political gains, pushing the fishermen of both countries into confrontation? -Northern Fishermen’s Associations

Why the Government which is claiming that it destructed the LTTE, is unable to control the Indian Fishermen using their Armed Forces? Do they want to make gains by pushing the fishermen of both countries into confrontation? Queried, the representatives of the Fishermen’s Societies of the North from the Minister of Fisheries, Mahindha Amaraweera, who was on a visit to the North. This meeting was held at the Secretariat of the Department of Fisheries and Marine Resources, Jaffna, day before yesterday.

Although more than 1,000 Indian Fishermen invade the Northern coasts only a handful are arrested, they pointed out. The breeding   had declined due to Indian Trawling, and we have lost our livelihood and unable to pay back the loans. Hence, action should be taken to cancel all loans less than 500,000/= obtained prior.  to 2015. Catching Beach-de-mer is destroying more resources than Indian Trawling. Action should be taken to ban catching Beach- de-mer, they said.

They further said that the If Myliddy Harbour is released by the Navy, 3 villages could be resettled and thus close down the 32 transit camps for IDPs operating in the North. The approaches to shore had been filled up due to non-usage of them. They should be deepened and de-silted. Light houses should be located at Veetilaikerny and Kudarrappu apart from Point Pedro light House which is presently under the control of the Navy.The Reliefs and compensations  should made available on a regularized basis.