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Attempt to jail former LTTE members; JHU preparing to file a case against all living members

The Jathika Hela Urumaya is engaged in taking legal action against all  ex-members of LTTE, from KP to the last member, helpers, financiers and informants.

The JHU is analyzing the possibility of filing case against 12,000 re-habilitated ex-LTTE ers, those who are living without re-habilitation here and abroad, helpers, financers and informers.

Currently the Sri Lankan security forces are accused of war crimes by the UNHRC. The attempt of JHU is a counter response to the UNHRC accusations, said JHU circles.

Commenting to a Colombo based media, Minister Champika Ranawakka said that although 12,000 LTTE members were granted a general amnesty, rehabilitated and integrated with the society, if we place charges from 1982,  the amnesty should be revoked and all of them should be arrested. Further, the crimes of the IPKF in Sri Lanka, and several other foreign parties which assisted the LTTE, organization which supplied intelligence reports to LTTE could be accused, he said.