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Attention drawing demonstration in Batticaloa in support of Kepapulavu people, under organization of Viyalendran, MP

An attention drawing demonstration was held in Batticaloa Town, yesterday in solidarity with Kepapulavu people undertaking a brave and continuous struggle for the 13th Day demanding the release of their lands.

This struggle was held at the Gandhi Square, in Batticaloa town under the organization of Viyalendran, MP and more than 100 people including women took part in the demonstration. following are what some placards held by the people said:

*Good Governance Government! Where is your good governance?

* Stop land grabbing!

*Stop testing our patience!

*Good Governance Government! let us live in our own lands.

Member of EPC, E.Thurairatnam and one of the Co-Chairs of TPC,  T.Vasantharajh also participated in the event.