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Cashew Plantation initiated in Nagar Kovil West

With a view to improve the livelihood of people living below the poverty line,  inauguration event of cashew cultivation and forming the society of cashew cultivators was held in Nagar Kovil West area, presided by the Divisional Secretary, Maruthankerny, K.Kanageswaran.

This project is being pursued, with the assistance of UNDP’s 5.4 Million and UNICEF‘s 1.4 Million rupees. This project had been inaugurated by selecting 30 beneficiary – Families  in the area and providing them with one acre land each.

The District Secretary, Jaffna , N.Vethanayagan, who participated as the Chief Guest inaugurated the project by planting a cashew tree. Maintenance of the families for two years will be undertaken through the new Society formed.

Several people participated in the event, including, the UNDP Coordinator Jenaraj, Kuganenthirarajah from the Special Fund, Grama Niladhari of the area, staff from the Divisional Secretariat and the public.