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The comet that shined in the Political horizon disappeared: NPC CM’s Homage for Late Jeyalalitha

Speaking in the 67th sitting of the NPC, the CM, C.V.Wigneswaran said that, a comet shining in the political sky has disappeared. I have an obligation to speak about an incident that had occurred yesterday to plunge us into deep sorrow in this grand house. The demise of Tamil Nadu CM, Jayalalitha Jeyaram who had been dubbed as the ” Iron Lady of Tamil Nadu” has caused us much sorrow and sadness. A comet has shone in the sky and has suddenly disappeared.

Miss Jayalalitha had stood in a male chauvinist environment and had scored her victories.

She endevoured intensively for the Tamil people of North and East to live in their own lands and that they should rule themselves. The Tamil society has lost a strong leader who was raising her voice on behalf of them.It gives us much sorrow that we unable to any other thing other than praying for her. We share the profound sorrow of all our people with the people of Tamil Nadu, he said.