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A constitution which could send Political Businessmen hoe is needed, says Victor Ivan in Kinniya

“Ravaya” Editor and a Senior Journalist Victor Ivon said in Kinniya that a constitution which will protect Political Leaders is not needed.A constitution which will protect the people of the country is needed. People should develop a constitution which is more appropriate to them.

He was speaking in a meeting with social enthusiasts,  organized by the Reform Movement and the Centre for research and discussion , with a theme of “ Let’s build up the Nation” , when he said as above.

A need had arisen, where, we all should get together and build up the Nation. Neither the 18th nor the 19th amendment stipulates that the politicians shall not do business. Why did the 20th amendment tabled by the JVP not stipulates as such?, he queried. After 1977, robbing the country is becoming the objective of the politicians.

Today we could see members of Parliaments, who earlier had encroached state lands, did business with the state and turned into business magnates.

The Constitution, which could send back home, the politician who, while being the representatives of the people, also do business, is needed now he said.