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If you drive me away another one will take my place: CM, Wigneswaran retorts Minister Daya Gamage

If you drive me away, another Tamil speaking person will take my place and he will also say the same thing I said, retorted the CM, C.V Wigneswaran, on a statement by Minister Daya Gamage.

The CM said this in Sinhala during the event of declaring open the 2 storied building for the Vavuniya South Sinhala Pradeshiya saba. This building stands as an evidence to whether we look after Sinhala people or not. We should find out as to where the problems are starting. Without doing it, is of no use  any one  shouting anything.

Recently, Minister Daya Gamage had said that I should be driven away from here. He is a friend of mine. If I am driven away, another person who speaks for the Tamil people will be appointed in my place and he will speak what I am speaking now.

Proper solution should be delivered to Tamil people. Then we can do as we like. Federal system will unite the country. But the southern politicians are propagating that Federal system will split the country, he said.