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Drought in the North, more than 8,000 affected : danger of drought increasing further

Disastere management center said that 8,661 belonging to 2,454 families have been affected by the severe drought prevailing in the North. If this  situation prevails further there is a danger of more people getting affected.

All over the country around 156,000 people have been affected and around 44,000 families are confronted with shortages in daily drinking water.

5,550 persons from 1,516 families in Kilinochchi and 3,011 persons from 938 families are badly affected by the drought. As tanks and water sources  had run dry, they are trekking several kilometers to get drinking water.

Agricultural activities including subsidiary crop cultivation are badly affected by the drought said the farmers expressing their concern

Although the water levels of water reservoirs around the power stations had suddenly dropped, no power cut will be imposed, said the CEB.

Met Office said that this dry weather will prevail till the 15th of next month and any possibility of rain will occur only after that.