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EPDPers who had fled the country are living in London, testimony in the Attack of TNA case

I saw with my own eyes Jeevan hacking Perampalm. Napolean was attacking our members while firing his rifle into the air. Blood was pouring from the head of Mawai Senathyrajah. The two suspects wanted in this regard are now living in London.”, testified the current TNA Member of NPC, Vinthan Kanagaratnam.

2 persons were killed and 24 injured in the attack and the case connected to this attack was taken up for trial yesterday.

Continuing his testimony, Vinthan said, “When we were nearing Allaipiddy more than 50 persons including EPDP members approached us with swords, axes and clubs and abusing us in foul language. This mob including Napoleon attacked us asking for Mawai Senathyrajah, Sivajilingam and Raviraj. When we were fleeing the spot Mathanarajah was talking on a walkie – talkie, and  green coloured pick-up came there, and armed persons got down from it and took up positions. At that time we ran towards the Navy camp but, the Navy did not take any action to protect us. Mathanarajah and Napoleon who are wanted in this case are in London” , he said.