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An exemplary deed by Island sector children – Creating man-made forests for saving the live stocks of Islands

The children of Island sector have got together and have undertaken innovative deed to preserve the resources of Islands. They are in the process of creating man-made forests in the islands to prevent the death od Live stocks dying from hunger.

Although the Island sector seems to be a resourceful area, in periods of droughts, its water resources will reach a very drastic stage. Agricultural activities are on the decline in the Island sector which has a large extent of Land area. The people there are confronted with several problems including drinking water to transport. Because of this, the Development of Island sector is on a delayed pace. Currently a children’s organization known as “Pungaiyin Oli” has inaugurated attempts to save islands from destruction.

19 years old students have got together and engaged in this activity. They have taken up several projects under a theme of ” Environment for Education and Education for environment” . Their objective is to changing over the islands to have self sufficient living cost through preserving what is available in the environment.

They are endeavouring to plant few hundred thousands of Palmyrah seeds along the 45 Km. coast available in islands to form resource base for any industry to be set up there in the future by local and Diaspora brothern. The seeds they have already planted have turned into young plants or Vadalies. In another 30 years they will be able to feed the income of the people , they happily said.

A man made forest is being grown by to feed the live stocks in periods of droughts. Thorny Murunga, Seemai Kiluwai are being planted in this forest which is expected near completion in 2018. If this scheme will succeed , the barn lands in Islands could be used to grow man made forests like this said.

The people of the area have happily welcoming this activity which should have been undertaken by politicians.