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Faeces present in Jaffna Peninsula’s underground water – Senior Lecturer Nachinarkiniyan

The Senior Lecturer of Medical Faculty, University of Jaffna and a member of the Expert Committee appointed by the NPC, Dr.N.Nachinarkiniyan The Expert Committee was tasked to study the  said that, it had been 100% confirmed that the underground water of Jaffna peninsula is containing faeces, through the researches undertaken.

The Expert Committee was tasked to study the alleged oil seepage into underground water. Accordingly researches were undertaken in affected areas and the report of the studies was handed over to the CM in an event held at the Jaffna public Library yesterday.

He said that although waste oil or any other heavy metals had affected the underground water faeces is definitely present in it. He requested the general public to drink boiled water. He also said that if proper waste disposal is not adopted, this problem will be magnified.

He emphasized the establishment of research Lab and proper  water management.