Tamil Diplomat

Forces Command directed to re-locate Army Camps in Vali-North

The Secretary to the President had directed the Forces’ Command to find suitable new locations for the Forces camps in Valli North.

This directive had been issued at a high level meeting held last week at the President Secretariat, it is reliably learnt.

President Maithripala Sirisena, while speaking in the National Christmas event in Jaffna, promised that the problem of the Vali North people will be solved within 6 months.

The above meeting was held after the Christmas event, attended by few District Secretaries of the North, High level officials of Ministry of Re-settlement, President Secretariat and the Forces. In this meeting the Secretary to the president had said that the lands of the people should be released stage by stage. Then Army Officials had called for funds to re-locate their camps. In the context of Re-settlement Ministry saying that they do not have the funds for this, The Secretary to President had said that necessary allocations could be obtained by a cabinet paper. He had also directed forces command to find new locations for their camps.

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