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GCE (A.L) – 2016  – Two Northern students leading Nationally, Jaffna Hindu , Vembadi  with 25 3As each

On the basis of the results of the GCE(A/L)- 2016, Two students from North are leading at National level and Jaffna Hindu College and Vembadi Girls’High School are leading in the North with 25 3As each it is reported.

Kanagasuntahram Jathursan  of J/Chunnakam Skanthavarodaya has scored 3As in Engineering Technology stream to be No.1 Nationally.

Pathmanathan Kuruparan of Manipay Hindu College has scored 3As in Arts stream to be No. 2 and 1st rank in the District.

Some leading schools

School  –  3As Maths Bio Arts Commerce Science
Jaffna hindu college 18 07
Vembadi GHC – Jaffna 02 13 10
Kokkuvil Hindu College 08 06 03
Vadamaradchchi – Hartley Cooleg 07 02 01
Nelliady Central 02 01 03
Point Pedro Mthodist Girls’ School 02 02