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Girls surrendered with their parent were taken away separately: Pulithevan’s widow testifies in Geneva

The Army  asked the girls to surrender with their parents, but after surrendering they were taken away separately by the Army, said the widow of Pulithevan, who officiated as the Officer in charge of the Peace Secretariat of the Liberation Tigers Organization, said in Geneva yesterday. The son of P.Nadesan, the Leader of the Political Division of the LTTE, The widow of Pulithevan, the Secretary General of the LTTE’s Peace Secretariat, and wife of Malaravan, the leader of the Administrative Division, have turned into direct witnesses of UN in the ‘White Flag’ affair.

Pulithevan’s widow declared these information in a special discussion held in a special room at the UNHRC Main office at around 5.30 Swiss time, yesterday.

The Sri Lankan Government is giving contradicting information regarding the ‘White Flag’ affair occurred during the last stages of the war in Sri Lanka. In this context several people who have changed into direct witnesses gave their testimony yesterday at Geneva.

Already the Sri Lankan Government and its Armed Forces are under severe pressure due to the Photographic and Video evidence regarding the human Rights violations of the Sri Lankan Army. In this conjuncture the evidences of several people Pulithevan’s widow and the son of Nadesan regarding the ‘White Flag’ affair in yesterday’s sessions has greatly shocked the Sri Lankan Government.

The leader of the Political Division Nadesan, my husband Pulithevan, and several other injured militants, surrendered with white flags to the Sri Lankan Army, after informing the International community that, they are surrendering, but had been shot dead. Why and how they were shot dead, I am not aware, she said.

I saw several militants including Elilan surrendering to the Army. The army called the militant one by one, by their correct names and body features. They were several people who could speak Tamil fluently, with the Army. They mercilessly assaulted me, said the wife of Malaravan.

Nadesan’s son had testified in tears that his father told him that “all arrangements had been made to surrender. We are going to surrender” when he finally contacted him.

In view of these direct evidences, the War Crimes Report to be published in September and its impacts, will have the power to exert high pressure on Sri Lankan Government, it is expected.

This discussion was organized by the Pasumai Thayaham Foudnation in association with British Tamils Forum and  United States Tamil Political Action Council (USTPAC).