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A grand victory to the 30 days continuous struggle of Pilakudiyiruppu people

As a result of the 30 days day and night continuous struggle of the Pilavukudiyiruppu people, their lands under occupation of the Air Force were released yesterday. People who heard about the release happily went in to see their lands and celebrated it with pleasure shouldering those who continuously undertook the struggle with them.

People of Pilakudiyirupp commenced a continuous struggle on january 30th, saying that the security forces and the government officials are cheating them and demanding a firm date for the release of their lands. Although several factions requested the abandoning of the struggle the people were adamant in continuing it culminating in their   lands being released after last minute controversy yesterday evening.

At the last moment it was said that the lands of 09 persons with land deeds could not be released. People went back into their struggle saying all lands should be released. Following the Karaithuraipattu Land officer came to the spot and sorted out the things and all lands were released, following which the people went into their lands happily.

The People of Pilakudiyiruppu have expressed their gratitude to all the good hearts who had supported their struggle in various ways.

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