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Houses for Sinhalese people in Navatkuli: Foundation to be laid this month end

Beneficiaries of the 250 houses to be built for the Sinhalese people, on a subsidy basis, in the land belonging to the Housing Authority has been selected. It was announced that the foundations will be laid on the 30th of this month by the Ministry of Housing.

All arrangement for this has been made by the Officials of the Housing Development Authority. In the context of strong opposition being expressed in the Coordination Committee meeting, against giving houses to Sinhalese people, the Authority has undertaken this activity.

After the war was brought to an end in 2009, more than 100 people from the South came in occupied the damaged Jaffna Railway Station. Later with the Army aiding and abetting them they encroached the Housing Authority lands in Navatkuli. Several families from the Peninsula with any land or houses also put up cottages and living there.

So far the Officials have selected 220 beneficiaries. The foundation stone for these houses will be laid by the Minister of Housing on the 30th. The foundations for the houses are being cut with speed. It was also announced that the construction of the Houses will be completed within six month